Gerda - The Paileon

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Setting: Hell, inside the Cathedral Terror known as Gerda.


Rottana Kul, Mika Kline, Hannah Bernardini, Allason Lewis, Kelly Sparrow, Natasha Rubinetti 


Matti Crabtree



To keep track of everything, I use a site called Make an account, go to the Sheets menu, and create a new sheet. Under ‘sheet template’ select Pathfinder. You will need to share your sheet with me (username pippin402) so I can refer to it later. Bring your computer or a printed character sheet with you to sessions! 

Explore this website too: It’s your one-stop-shop for everything in this version of DnD. Not everything here will apply to us (like prices, equipment, etc), but it’s the basis for whatever we are modifying or adding to with our homebrew. That’s where you can go to check out the classes and rules for character advancement. 



Human (Earth): 

Souls funneled from Earth who didn’t make the cut to get into Heaven (which also exists in this universe). In Hell, humans can use the power of their strongest emotions as Pathos, an emotion-based magic that can manifest in different forms, around weapons or otherwise. Join the fight to liberate the souls from the eternal torment of Hell, and create a paradise under Earth! 


Human (Remsley): 

Souls funneled from another world, Remsley, a world permeated by real magic. The people of Remsley are just like the people of Earth, except, in the place of beating hearts, they have cores of crystalline magic. This race would be a good choice if you’d like to be a Sorcerer/Sorceress or Wizard, or really any spell-slinging class.



Nightmares are demon-like creatures which take physical form from the deepest, most intense fears and negative experiences of the souls that exist in Hell. Nightmares, unlike human souls, can die permanently. Within Gerda, Nightmares can either be influenced by Gerda itself (on the side of Hell) or by a more benevolent force (on the side of the humans). 

This race will give you the most freedom to decide the form that you and your attacks take. 




Choose from any of the Core Classes. If you wish to be any of the Base, Alternate, or Hybrid Classes, just ask me if that’s okay. In pretty much any situation I will work with you all to adapt things (whether it’s a class, or anything else) to the world of the Paileon. There is no limit to the insanity of Hell, but to make things simple for character creation, just ignore the rest of the categories of classes (they are all made up of combinations of and variations on the classes I’m allowing you to choose, anyway). Make your own variations in the way that you play your character!

Aside from Remsley humans, there are no class-specific races – whatever your heart desires, shall be. 


Creating a Backstory

If you choose to be a human soul from either world, you have lived your entire life – as long or as short as it was – before coming to Hell. What was it like? As souls within Gerda, you will remember everything that happened to you from the get-go. Many souls in Hell had traumatic deaths. You will retain scars and markings from your death. Did you die in a fire? You’ll have some hella mottled skin. Did you get shot execution-style, point blank? Maybe you have a bullet hole in your forehead that continuously bleeds, or half of your head is missing. Get creative with it! Your soul will only have the physical parts that you had when you died. Sucks to suck, amputees. In addition, though you can be maimed or dismembered in any way in Hell, you will never truly die. Better hope someone likes you enough to put you back together if you do get chopped up. (That being said, there are still ways that you might have to make a new character. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.)

Your life will have had some pretty intense moments, hopefully. What were those, and what emotion was the strongest at that time? Depending on what emotion you choose, you can manifest Pathos in different ways – were you enraged? Terribly depressed and suffering? Shocked? Incredulous? Or maybe you experienced sheer ecstasy right before your death. In addition, think about how you ended up in Hell. Just how screwed up are you? Or did you land there trying to do the right thing? The road to Hell, they say, is paved with good intentions. 

If you choose to be a human soul, come up with at least three people from your past that are major players in your backstory. Who knows, maybe they ended up in Hell, too….

If you choose to be a Nightmare, then you can still come up with a, well, a nightmare that you draw your form from. What fear or experience do you represent? What do you look like? We’re all artists, draw that fucker. Make it as insanely monstrous as you want! Since you’re not tied to a humanoid form, you can be as big or as small as you like, within reason. How would you attack? What are your motivations? Nightmares can have a personality too, since they have their roots in human emotions. 

Check out for ideas. 


Write all these things down in your character sheet (in one of the Notes boxes at the bottom) so you don’t forget! 


Roleplaying and Hero Points

We all love a good roleplayer. Take your character and be your character during sessions to earn Hero Points! I have the sole discretion in handing out these oh-so-useful bonus points, which can be used sparingly to achieve great things, or fix terrible things. For example, you could use a Hero Point if you had just rolled a one on a really important saving throw, and you were about to be fucked if you didn’t make that save… and you’d be miraculously fine! Or you can use it to do really kickass things during interactions with NPCs, or really anything. Call down the hand of the almighty DM! 

During battle, I love it when you describe exactly how you’re attacking. Maybe you perform a really kickass, acrobatic, inspiring finishing move on a boss. If it’s awesome enough, I’ll give you a Hero Point. If you know something out-of-game that could effect your character in a significant way, but you choose not to act on it in-game (since that would be metagaming), that could be worth a Hero Point, too.



Alignments are really useful just as a guidepost for roleplaying. Your alignment colors every interaction and choice you make. If you’re a Lawful Good, I won’t allow you to go on a murderous spree of innocent civilians, obviously. It’s against your nature! You’d better have a really good reason if you want to go ahead with that one. Once you choose an alignment, the only way you can change it is by backing up how your character has changed throughout the campaign. I once knew a Lawful Good Paladin who just got shat on so much by the world (evil forces kidnapped his NPC fiancee, he discovered the gods he worshipped were actually really terrible, you know, shit like that) that he turned into a cynical bastard and changed his alignment. It was great. 

If you want more info on just how they differ from each other, here’s a link:



If you’re super psyched and you want to go get your own dice right away, the place to go is TableTop Game & Hobby down in Overland Park (9156 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS 66212), but we can all totally make a trip down there together to get some stuff. If you don't want to commit just yet to buying your own, you can borrow some of mine, but I probably don’t have enough for all y’all, might just have to pass them around for now.  


So, that concludes everything for now! Make your sheet on Myth-Weavers, design your character, write a backstory or at least have a general idea of what you’d like it to be, come up with an emotion to use, and we can all get together and go through rolling for the stats and all the technical details sometime soon. I can’t wait, you guys. Sorry to make you read things. Hopefully it’s helpful. Ask me if you have any questions about DnD or the world (you can also ask Rottana about that one, since he’s the expert). YAY!

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